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10 Signs of Domestic Abuse.

1) Separate's or alienates you from your family & friends-

One of the first things an abuser does is gets you away from the people who really loves you because they know they manipulate you with others around.

2) Waits outside of your home, work or any place you are-

A manipulator will pop up when they can't reach you or to see what you are up to because they don't trust you. Or if they feel you have been gone to long. This is them attempting to control how you move.

3) Belittles you or calls you out your name-

Another early sign of abuse is someone who is always belittling you or putting you down and making you feel bad about yourself. Calling you out your name and criticizing everything you do.

4) Forces you to have sex against your will-

Some people say that its not rape if you are in a relationship but it is because NO still means NO. Another form of abuse that happens a lot more often then people think is forced sex. A manipulator will try to make you feel bad and guilt you into having sex with them and when that doesn't work they take it a step further and take what they feel belongs to them.

5) Threatens to kill themselves or you when you try to leave or walk away-

This is another way for a manipulator to control you or the situation by threatening to cause harm to themselves and or you if you leave and stop letting them abuse you.

6) Kill your pets when you make them mad-

Its not normal for a person to get so angry that they cause harm to people or animals. This is another form a manipulator uses to scare you and make you hurt because they feel they lost control of you in that moment so they have to implement fear.

7) Hide your medicine when he is made at you-

This is just another tactic an abuser uses to make you do what they want. Eventually you will give in because they know you need your medicine.

8) Makes you do drugs to prove your love-

Another form of abuse that manipulators use is making you do drugs in the name of love. They do this because they know once you are hooked on drugs they will be your only means for your addiction so then you will do whatever they say and control your every move.

9) Makes you quit your job and become completely dependent upon them-

Abusers are manipulators in need of control. The best way to control someone is to cut off there means to financial freedom. They tell you to quit your job and stay home and they will take care of you because they know that you will be completely dependent upon them and wont be able to leave because they now control your finances.

10) Hits you & or your children-

The major sign of abuse is someone beating you and or your children. No one deserves to be beaten no matter what someone feels you did or didn't do and your kids don't deserves to be abused or watch you be abused in the name of love.



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