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I survived it! Now how do I heal?

7 Steps to healing from domestic violence.

Healing is the hardest step. Its hard sitting with the PTSD from your trauma. Below are steps to help you on your healing journey.

1) Safety First- The healing process can only begin when the victim is away from the abuser. This step can take months or even years of planning & preparation before it can become a reality.

2) Stable Environment- Victims need a period of rest to adjust to a new normal. The length of this necessary step is dictated solely by the victim and the amount of abuse endured.

3) Support Unconditionally- Victims need a circle of support from therapy, friends, and family. People who will help them overcome there traumas.

4) Support Groups- One of the most helpful steps to recovery from abuse is to find a support group with other victims of abuse. The shared common experience allows a person to realize that they are not alone in their abusive encounters.

5) Settle & Recount Incidents- This id often the most difficult step from an awareness perspective. As the obvious abuse is recounted new obscure abuse comes to light. Most victims don't even realize the extent of their abuse until they reach this step. When they do it can be overwhelming and will likely restart the grieving process all over again.

6) Stitch Wounds- In order to stitch the wounds you have to rewrite your internal dialog of what happened. For Example: Stop making excuses for your abuser and hold them accountable for there actions.

7) Set Standards- The final step to healing is to set standards for how you expect to be treated. These are your boundaries of acceptable behavior. If the people in your life can respect the walk away.

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