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I want to start a business but how do I begin? 10 Basic Steps to starting a business!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

1) Find your purpose- Realizing your purpose is very important to starting any business. The best way to finding your purpose is to seek God first!

2) Research- Learn everything you need to know about your new business. You will want to have all the knowledge about your services so that you can help your customers to the best of your knowledge. This may also include going back to school. Put in the work to have a successful business before starting.

3) Create A Business Plan- Take everything you learned from your research and put it on paper. Put the numbers together and make sure your new business venture is profitable. This will also be great to have if you need to seek investors or a loan for start up cost.

4) Register Your Business- Once you decide you are ready to bring you purpose to fruition go down to the register of deeds and register your business and get all appropriate licensing needed for your business in your state and county. Depending on if your business is a sole proprietor, LLC, Partnership, or Corporation you will need to register your business on the IRS website and get a EIN number.

6) Open Business Account- Start a bank account for your business link it to square, PayPal, QuickBooks and your Website. The last thing you want to do is start telling your clients to cashapp you for your services and products it screams scam.

7) Create Logo- Create a logo that announces your business and its uniqueness. Your logo should stand out and be eye catching yet still professional.

8) Create Website- Create a website for your services and products that is user friendly for your clients & customers. Make sure your website is able to link to your social media accounts so that your clients can easily access it to buy the products and services that you advertise on your social media accounts.

9) Create Social Media Accounts- Start a new social media account for your business. Don't use your current personal social media account because you feel you have more followers. Friends & family are not usually your target audience or your biggest supporters. You can still advertise on your personal but you creating a new account just for your business is going to bring you an audience of people who will actually buy your services and products.

10) Advertising & Promotion- Learn the best advertising techniques for your business to draw in your new audience. Create promotional flyers that will speak to your target audience for your business. Make sure you have great quality photos if your in retail your presentation is everything.

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