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Stop Sleeping on your Self

Have you been waking up exhausted with life before your day even gets started?

Does the thought of going to work everyday make you cringe?

Do you have a feeling of unfulfillment?

That feeling is God telling you its time for a change in your life. It's time for you to start walking in your purpose.

Are you unsure what that purpose is? Then take a look at your past and where God has delivered you from! You purpose is usually tied to your testimony.

That thing that God delivered you out of that you are ashamed or afraid to speak about is most likely your purpose assignment to help heal & deliver others dealing with the same issue.

For Example:

I'm a domestic violence survivor. I know my calling is to help women. That is why I started virtuous consulting. So I can help women become independent by starting there own business and teaching them financial literacy so that they can reach there financial goals. Usually abusers are the bread winners and that's how they control there victims. I decided I will never become solely dependent on anyone again and i want to help my fallen sisters and any sisters who want to be financially free.

So think back on your past and what God has delivered you from and turn your purpose into profit!!

But don't forget to pray and get your confirmation directly from God first.

#Walkinpurpose #Yougotthis #Imrootingforyou

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