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Top 10 Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business!

The million dollar question so many entrepreneurs ask is "How do I grow my business"

Here you will find the top 10 marketing tools I use for my clients & myself to grow million dollar businesses.

1) Create Website- Your website will be your main source of marketing as it can be linked to advertising sources so that your customers can book or purchase from a secured site.

2) Social Media- Create social media accounts as they are great ways to spread the word about your business.

3) Hire Influencers- Social media influencers have a a bigger following and can spread the word about your business to a broader audience.

4) Email Marketing- With email marketing you can reach people with commercial email messaging. You can use this option with your subscribers, or individuals who have inquired about your business. If you are a new business there are companies that will generate leads for you to reach out to through email marketing.

5) Mail Marketing- This is a great source if you are a business that offers services to other businesses or organizations. Mail marketing is just creating flyers that go out in the mail to potential clients.

6) Door to Door Sales- I still find this to be a gold mind. So many over look door to door sales but i still utilize this as a great marketing tool as i have seen company's make millions just from door to door sales. This also saves you on marketing cost so if you are a new business this will be a great way to start if you don't have a marketing budget yet. Print up some flyers and hit the streets!

7) Google- Make sure you get your business listed on google. One thing i have seen in this business if they cant google you they wont use you. People feel that finding a business on google solidifies them.

8) Text Subscribers- This is a great source because your subscribers I already interested in your business. They are just waiting for you to have a sale or a lil extra encouragement to book or make a purchase.

9) Referral's- I love referral's before I took my business global this year it was ran solely on referral's offer an incentives to current clients to bring in referrals and watch your business increase. Thank me later!

10) Content Marketing- I find this to be extremely fun because you get to make video's, podcast, webinars, blogs and eBooks

which are all things I love to do and it is bring in new clientele all at the same time.

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