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1) Create A Finance Calendar-

Creating a financial calendar allows you to keep up with paying bills and quarterly taxes on time. This will ensure you never miss a payment or have another late payment that could potentially hurt your score. Just one late payment can cause your credit score to drop.

2) Check Your Interest Rate-

Check the interest rates on your loans and credit cards. If they are high try refinancing or modifying the loan so that you can lower the interest rate and pay more towards the principle balance of the loan. If you are not in position to refinance or modify your loan then create a budget that allows you to pay extra towards that loan or credit card to pay it off sooner so that you don't pay all that interest.

3) Live off only 30% of your income-

Create a budget plan that allows you to only live off 30% of your net income. This budget will allow you to save more and invest your money into other things for you future.

4) Create a 20% Savings Plan-

Create a savings budget of 20% of your income ensures you always have funds put away for emergency's that may occur in your life. This can also contribute to your retirement fund.

5) Create a Financial Vision Board-

Create a financial plan for your future and put it on a board in plain site. This helps you see your goals and what you are working towards daily to remind you to stay on track.

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